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MT Rush Showcase

Jul 22, 2023

Something About This Night

All Campers

Welcome To The Rock

Red Group: Kennedy Lundeberg, Kassidy Atherton, Hattie Stubbs, Sophia Bloom, Sarah Nelson, Breanna Johansen, Kael Nipko, Quin Zollinger, Nathan Adams, Joshua Nordfelt, Cayden Hirschi, Jack Peterson

Warts And All

Green Group: Kathryn Leach, Auburn Adamson, Bia Costa, Ellie Kennedy, Mallory Bahlman, Kate Stucki, John Lyman, Garrett Cluff, Colter Tidlund, Teigan Swearingen, Ben Daniel

Your Fault/Last Midnight

Izzy Brown, Elizabeth Lyman, Anne Daniel, Kacen Nipko, Quin Zollinger


Kennedy Lundeberg, Hattie Stub, Auburn Adamson, Bella Hoeye, Justus Hall, Josh Lundeberg, Colter Tidlund, Mallory Bahlmann, Sam Jensen

A Little More Homework To Do

Purple Group: Mekenzie Belshe, Keagan Kikuchi, Ella Anderson, Anne Daniel, Clara Hales, Savannah Mack, Sam Jensen, Hyrum Swearingen, Josh Lundeberg, Kasen Nipko

Couple of Swells

Hunter Hughes, Sarah Nelson

Momma Look Sharp

Maggie Williams, Katelyn Bowie, Sophia Bloom, Hattie Stubb, Kassidy Atherton, Izzy Brown, Elizabeth Lyman, Anne Daniel, Keagan Kikuchi, Lexie Williams, Bella Hoeye, McKinley Boyd, Kate Stucki, 

5 Minute Musical

Debbie Olsen, Kennedy Lundeberg, Maura Cluff, Brynlee Pipes, Mekenzie Belshe, Auburn Adamson, Xavier Jones, Nathan Adams, Matthew Lundeberg, Cayden Hirschi, Joshua Adams, Ezekiel Thayne, Ellie Kennedy, Haiden Belshe


Libby Hall, Breanna Johansen, Kasey Fruge, Sydnie Strader, Brynlee Pipes, Mekenzie Belshe, Keagan Kikuchi, Savannah Mack, Bia Costa, Brenner Swearingen, Ezekiel Thayne, Joseph Mitsvotai, Hyrum Swearingen, Garrett Cluff, Teigan Swearingen, Ben Daniels, Ella Anderson

New York Medley

Kailee Schiffman, Debbie Olsen, Sarah Nelson, Vanessa Cavasos, Kael Nipko, Joshua Nordfelt, Sawyer Daniels, Matthew Lundeberg, Daxter Jones, Joshua Adams, Katelyn Bowie

High Adventure

Orange Group: Elizabeth Lyman, Sydnie Strader, Brynlee Pipes, Jane Stucki, Lexi Williams, Ezekiel Thayne, Joseph Mitsvotai, Trent Cluff, Justus Hall

I Like It

Alex Hansen, Nic Estrada, Quin Zollinger, Josh Nordfelt, Jack Peterson, Mark Slade, Daxter Jones, Joseph Mitsvotai, Colter Tidlund, Ben Daniels


Kailee Schiffman, Bia Costa, Brenner Swearingen, Sydnie Strader, Kael Nipko, Jane Stucki, Garret Cluff


Sophia Bloom, Maura Cluff, Lexie Williams, Clara Hales, McKinley Boyd, Nicolas Estrada, Cayden Hirschi, Jack Peterson, Haiden Belshe, John Lyman, Kassidy Atherton, Maggie Williams, Jane Stucki, Kate Stucki

Into The Fire

Alex Hansen, Xavier Jones, Christian Harman, Hunter Hughes, Nathan Adams, Mark Slade, Trent Cluff

Bonnie & Clyde

Josh Nordfelt, Kael Nipko

Plain Plate of Noodles

Breanna Johansen, Kasey Fruge, Vanessa Cavasos, Libby Hall, Ella Anderson, Clara Hales, Savannah Mack, Christian Harman, Sawyer Daniels, Brenner Swearingen, Kathryn Leach, Trent Cluff, Justus Hall, Hyram Swearingen, Josh Lundeberg, Kacen Nipko, John Lyman, Tiegen Swearingen, Mallory Bahlmann, Sam Jensen, 

You Learn

Blue Group: Bella Hoeye, Kailee Schiffman, Maggie Williams, Katelyn Bowie, Mckinley Boyd, Nic Estrada, Alex Hansen, Xavier Jones, Christian Harman, Hunter Hughes

One Perfect Moment

Izzy Brown, Elizabeth Lyman, Keagan Kikuchi, Sarah Nelson, Joshua Adams

Freak Flag

Gold Group: Libby Hall, Maura Cluff, Vanessa Cavasos, Debbie Olsen, Izzy Brown, Kacey Fruge, Sawyer Daniels, Brenner Swearingen, Matthew Lundeberg, Mark Slade, Haiden Belshe, Joshua Adams, Daxter Jones

For a Little Good

All Campers

MT Rush would not be possible without our donors. We would like to thank the following for their generous donations. 

The George S and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation

The Thom and Gail Williamsen Foundation

Diane Panelli

Cellular Innovations

Darrel and Corrine Olsen

Paul and Connie Cox

Dan Hoeye

Chris Bloom

Zach Brown

Bardheart Donor Heroes



Kasey Bradbury

Britt Brown

Capt. America & Peggy Carter (Cole & Shaustia Brown)

Riian Brown

Denise & Paul Hagemeister

LJ Jones

Jayme Smith

Steven J. Smith

Jalyn Courtenay Webb



Robert Bowie & Vicki Vandegrift

Lindsay Daniel

K.M. DiColandrea

Theresa Johansen

Jaimee Kennedy

Jamie Nipko

Mary Pipes

Heidi Schiffman

Traci Lyn Thomas

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