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MT Rush Camper Showcase 
June 18 2022

Something About This Night

All Campers


Show People

Red and Blue Groups: Rocky Smith, Jon Huff, Thomas Huff, 

Xavier Jones, Dayton Kennedy, Hunter Hughes, Haley Fruge, Kailee Schiffman, Margaret Williams, Katelyn Bowie, Harmony Durtschi, Kennedy Lundeberg, Kael Nipko, Quinlan Zollinger, Graham Williams, Jack Peterson, Stuart Hoff, Joshua Nordfelt, Kassidy Atherton, Sophia Bloom, Liberty Hall, Breanna Johansen, Vanessa Cavazos, Debbie Olson


I’m Alive

Jackson Brown


Seasons of Love

Kael Nipko, Quilan Zollinger, Graham Williams, Jack Peterson, Stuart Hoff, Joshua Nordfelt, Kassidy Atherton, Sophia Bloom,  Liberty Hall, Breanna Johansen, Vanessa Cavazos, Debbie Olsen



Anneke Bahlman, Kailee Schiffman, Bree Johansen, Mars Haynes, Elijah Newell, Josh Nordfelt, Dayton Kennedy, Quinlan Zollinger, Rocky Smith, Hunter Hughes

Jellicle Cats

Anne Daniels, Brandon Cluff, Chloe Christensen, Graham Williams, 

Haiden Belshe, Haley Fruge, Harmony Durtschi, Jack Peterson, Kael Nipko, Kailee Schiffman, Kasey Fruge, Libby Hall, Kassidy Atherton, Mars Haynes, Owen McGlashan, Quinlan Zollinger, Rocky Smith, Sawyer Daniel, Simeon Olsen, Sophia Bloom, Xavier Jones, Bree Johansen. 


‘Nicest Kids in Town

Green Group: Sawyer Brown, Matthew Lundeberg, Mark Slade, Haiden Belshe, Nathan Hoff, Daxter Jones, Izzy Brown, Mars Haynes, Jay Stucki, Kasey Fruge, Madi Terry

Another Day Of Sun

Bia Costa, Debbie Olsen, Simeon Olsen, Zeke Thayne, Graham Williams, Indy Cox, Keegan Kikuchi, Madi Terry, Owen McGlashan, Vanessa Cavazos, Zoie Costa, Carter McEwan, Talia Cluff, Brandon Cluff


Helplessly Hoping

Bella Hoeye, Chloe Christensen, Grace Draper, Jack Peterson, Alex Hansen, Kael Nipko  Dancer: Vanessa Cavazos


Orange Group: Ezekiel Thayne, Owen McGlashan, Trent Cluff, Justus Hall, Peter Hoff, Zoie Costa, Brynlee Pipes, MeKenzie Belshe, Marli Belshe, Ella Anderson, Anne Daniels

Close to Home

Alex Hansen, Daxter Jones, Garrett Cluff, Josh Nordfelt, Indi Cox, Kasen Nipko

5 Min Musical

Kasen Nipko, Haiden Belshe, Auburn Adamson, Brinlee Pipes, Clara Hales, Harmony Durtschi, Hyrum Swearingen, Jane Stucki, Kassidy Atherton, Katelyn Bowie, Maggie Williams, Sophia Bloom, Ryan Fielding


Good Mornin’

Carter McEwan, Jackson Brown, Talia Cluff

Stick it to the Man

Silver Group: Hyrum Swearingen, Joshua Lundeberg, Kasen Nipko, Ryan Fielding, Garrett Cluff, Clara Hales, Keagan Kikuchi, Auburn Adamson, Kathryn Leach, Bia Costa



Bella Hoeye, Izzy Brown, Grace Draper, Jane Stucki, Katelyn Bowie, Madi Terry


Pirates of Kensington

Auburn Adamson, Bia Costa, Brinlee Pipes, Clara Hales, Hyrum Swearingen, Josh Lundenberg, Justus Hall, Marli Belshe, Ryan Fielding, Trent Cluff, Zoie Costa, Ella Anderson, Kathryn Leach, 

We’ve Got The Beat

Gold Group: Brandon Cluff, Simeon Olsen, Carter McEwan, Jackson Brown, Elijah Newell, Alex Hansen, Indi Cox, Talia Cluff, Grace Draper, Anneke Bahlman, Chloe Christensen, Bella Hoeye


Corn Puddin’

Anneke Bahlman, Dayton Kennedy, Debbie Olsen, Elijah Newell, Zeke Thayne, Hunter Hughes, Jon Hoff, Keagan Kikuchi, Kennedy Lundeberg, Maggie Williams, Mark Slade, Matthew Lundeberg, 

Mekenzie Belshe, Nathan Hoff, Peter Hoff, Stuart Hoff, Tom Hoff, 

Vanessa Cavazos


Anne Daniel, Sawyer Daniel, Daxter Jones, Xavier Jones, Ella Anderson, Katherine Leach, Garrett Cluff, Trent Cluff, Brandon Cluff, Haley Fruge, Kasey Fruge, Izzy Brown, Jackson Brown, John Hoff, Thomas Hoff,

Peter Hoff, Nathan Hoff, Stuart Hoff, Josh Lundeberg, Kennedy Lundeberg, Matthew Lundeberg, Mark Slade, Marli Belshe, Mekenzie Belshe, Libby Hall, Justus Hall, 


When You Believe You Have A Heart

All Campers


Thank you for lending us your kids for the week.

It has been a joy and an honor to work with them.

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